Who We Work With

Want to use data to make more informed decisions for learning environments, or simply understand your organization better? We’re here to help. Our clients are passionate policymakers and educators who influence metrics and programs aimed at helping classrooms and schools best serve students.

We've worked with some of the largest school districts in the country, small districts brought together through regional offices of education, leading research institutions in Washington D.C., state departments of educations, and leading research universities. 

State and Local Education Agencies

If your district or state is ready to use data in new and innovative ways to help your systems, educators, and students improve, we're ready to get started.

We work with you to develop high quality analytics, like models of teachers’ and schools’ effects on student learning or new human capital policies.

We help by:

  • Co-building metrics that meet your needs.
  • Advising on how multiple measures work together within policy systems and how to incorporate technical pieces into existing systems.
  • Helping stakeholders understand the technical details.

Current specific initiatives we can help with include:

  • Teacher Incentive Fund 5
  • Race to the Top
  • ESEA Waivers

We work with districts of all sizes and budgets. We even bring small school districts together into consortia to accomplish more with limited resources.

Charter Management Organizations

We help charter management organizations develop analytics that analyze the performance of their schools and programs. Our objective analysis can help you set policies using high quality metrics for the schools and classrooms in your CMO.

Education Organizations and Foundations

We help non-profits, foundations, and for-profit groups meet the needs of their constituents by developing metrics, providing analysis of policies, and building understanding of technical and policy issues around these analyses.

Assessment and Research Organizations

We work with assessment companies and research organizations to help them understand how assessments relate to growth measures and how district and state partners can use these in educator effectiveness systems.

Ready to get started? Get in touch and let’s talk.

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