Junior IT Helpdesk Administrator

Education Analytics is a non-profit organization that uses data analysis to inform education research, management and policy decisions. Our staff are highly motivated technical analysts and policy advisors that leverage the latest technology to deliver our services to public education with the highest quality and in the most cost-effective manner possible. To that end we are constantly experimenting with new technologies that can improve our work, whether that be the latest in telepresence technology, remote collaboration software, or the fastest parallel compute cluster we can build with our budget.

We are seeking a full-time Junior IT Helpdesk Administrator responsible for supporting IT helpdesk operations at our organization. The ideal candidate will have experience in IT Helpdesk. The role will perform and manage IT helpdesk support operations on a daily basis by providing excellent client experiences and working to resolve support issues in a prompt and professional manner. In addition to the above, the role will also help in supporting the implementation and maintenance of IT hardware and software as needed.

Job duties

• Provide IT helpdesk support for 50 staff, local and remote

• Support implementation and maintenance of computers, printers, video conferencing and telecommunications equipment.

• Manage workstations, including initial deployment, operating system and 3rd party software updates, hardware troubleshooting

• Support Antivirus and malware detection software deployment and maintenance...

Skills and Experience

• Bachelor’s or Associate’s degree in Computer Science/Engineering, Information Systems, Computer Networking, or other related field

• Experience with IT helpdesk, server and network management

• Proven and sharp technical, analytical, and problem-solving abilities with ability to understand the problem at hand and effectively find/use resources to solve problems quickly...

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