Research Scientist


Education Analytics (EA) is a non-profit organization that uses data analysis to inform education research, management, and policy decisions. Our staff is a group of researchers and analysts who work with school districts, states, and foundation partners across the U.S. to identify innovative ways to improve education systems. We are seeking an experienced researcher with a Ph.D. in economics who specializes in econometrics, applied statistics, or related quantitative methods. The candidate should also have experience in education policy or education research. The Research Scientist at EA collaborates with other researchers, data strategists, analysts, external project partners, and policymakers. The position will report to the Research Manager and Chief Research Officer and will play a substantial role in directing various programs of research. The role requires analytic, statistical, communication, and project management skills to meet the challenges of leading applied statistical research and making substantive contributions to the fields of educational data analysis, measurement, and policy.


·Using large-scale datasets to develop statistical models for education policy applications that may include, but are not limited to, using the following approaches: econometrics, linear regression, multilevel/hierarchical linear modeling, Bayesian methods, propensity score matching, or data science (e.g., machine learning).

·Writing researcher-oriented documents, including conference papers and presentations, academic journal articles, working papers, and technical documentation.

·Collaborating with and supervising analysts and programmers to implement statistical models for external partners and for internal research.

·Communicating and collaborating with state and local education agencies and other EA partners.

·Co-creating written documentation with EA data strategists and analysts, such as technical memos, policy briefs, partner reports, practitioner guidebooks, and grant proposals, for a variety of technical and non-technical audiences.


·A PH.D. in Economics with a focus on Econometrics, Applied Statistics, or Quantitative Methods.

·At least 3 years of experience conducting statistical analyses using large-scale datasets. As part of the 3 years of experience conducting statistical analyses, the individual must have 3 years of experience with a programming language such as R, Stata or SAS.

·As part of the 3 years of experience conducting statistical analyses, the individual must have at least 2 years of post-doctoral research experience in Economics and/or Education within an academic setting.

·At least 3 first-author publications in peer-reviewed academic journals.

·At least 5 conference presentations at peer-reviewed academic conferences (examples include, but are not limited to: Association For Education Finance and Policy, Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management, and American Educational Research Association).

·Record of securing research funding, as demonstrated by an award of at least one grant or fellowship awarded to the individual.

·Record of expertise in Applied Statistical Research, as demonstrated by teaching (or serving as teaching assistant for) undergraduate- or graduate-level courses (examples include, but are not limited to: Econometrics, Applied Statistics, and Labor Economics).

·This position will be expected to work in our office in Madison, WI


·Competitive salary

·Institutional support for professional organization membership and conference attendance

·Annual merit bonuses

·Paid holidays and one month of paid vacation per year

·Generous 401k and health benefits

·Free Madison Metro transit pass or subsidized office parking (if space is available)

·Casual office environment

·Location right in the heart of downtown Madison, Wisconsin

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