Delaware Growth Model & Data Management Training

Growth Model:

EA began working with the Accountability Framework Working Group (AFWG) and Delaware State Department of Education (DDOE) in December 2014 to develop and implement a model for calculating student achievement growth as a component of its new school accountability system. A student growth model formula was developed for use in calculations for school accountability, and a growth model was developed "for information only" in calculations for teacher evaluation in school year 2014-2015. The student growth model was then fully incorporated in subsequent school years. EA calculated both a model that measures the adequate growth of a student towards a desired standard of performance as well as models that measure the relative growth of a student compared to other students with similar test histories and other characteristics. Other technical services include documentation, in both technical and lay terminology, of the calculations as well as a guidance document and in-person presentations to stakeholders on how to interpret the calculations.

Data Management Training:

EA also provided the DDOE Data Management transition team with in-person, comprehensive training and analysis support to fully train the Data Management Team to run any and all accountability calculations, including that of Student Growth and all other student data analyses. EA also prepared a data quality report on student-teacher-course linkages, technical report on model specifications and estimated characteristics of the data suitable for scientific communication, and policy report that supports DDOE in evaluating equity of the education system effectiveness across the state. The outcomes of the model can help inform whether all students are on track to achieve particular goals and can be used to monitor progress for closing proficiency gaps. EA also supports the DDOE with communication to educators and the broader public with various materials including a module on the Delaware Student Growth Model.

The following video is a module on the Delaware Student Growth Model: 2017-18 Measure A Projections.

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