Hillsborough Educator Evaluation Research

Education Analytics (EA) and Hillsborough County Public Schools (HCPS) have been working together for many years. Through our partnership, we have developed a long-term research agenda around HCPS’s educator evaluation system and also produce student growth model results for HCPS educators.

Growth Model

EA provides student growth model results at the teacher, administrator, and school level. HCPS has a unique and comprehensive assessment system that includes over 1,600 end-of-course assessments, which allows for the evaluation of teachers in traditionally non-tested grades and subjects.

Human Capital Analytics

EA is supporting HCPS in the use of human capital analytics (HCA) to address the development and calculation of analytic measures that describe the recruitment, placement, and retention of HCPS teachers, particularly within the highest-needs schools in the district. This work included calculating analytics, investigating data quality of existing systems, and planning for the future use of HCA in HCPS.


Through various projects, EA researchers have:

  • Explored the relationship between the psychometric properties of HCPS assessments and the diagnostic characteristics of the associated growth models.
  • Examined the properties of written evaluations and observational ratings and their relationship with growth models.
  • Investigated the relationship between growth model estimates as well as teacher and classroom characteristics.
  • Examined the relationships between HCPS teacher preparation experiences and teacher growth scores. 

This study included a component that further examined a specific subset of novice teachers (those with five or more English language learners in their classroom) and the relationship between these teachers’ preparation experiences and teacher growth scores based on the achievement of their English language learners. In the future, HCPS and EA are also interested in collaborating on a study of the HCPS principal pipeline initiatives and the addition of turnaround competencies to the principal evaluation rubric as part of a district-wide effort to provide supports to their highest-needs schools.

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