Houston Data Analyses & Training

Education Analytics (EA) is providing data analyses as well as in-depth training and consultation for Houston Independent School District (HISD) research staff on multiple topics.

Observation Ratings

EA is working with HISD to examine the statistical characteristics of performance appraisal data, focusing on observation ratings and their reliability. Hands-on training has increased HISD capacity to further investigate specific topics, such as inter-rater reliability, year-to-year stability, and neutrality of the district's observation ratings. EA helps communicate the findings of these analyses to drive district-wide continuous improvement efforts.

Growth Model Diagnostics

EA is working with HISD to develop several diagnostic measures for the Houston comparative growth model for selected grades and subjects. These measures include model fit, reliability, variance of teacher effects, neutrality of teacher growth measures to student characteristics, and robustness of teacher growth measures to alternative approaches within the general student percentile framework.

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