Human Capital Management Data and Analytics

EA recognizes that an effective approach to strategic HCM requires a flexible and user-oriented reporting and analysis system that both informs the operation of specific human capital management strategies (e.g., recruitment, professional development), and tracks how well these strategies are working together to achieve each of the District’s human capital goals. Such a system can help to answer questions that are critical to informing your strategic human capital efforts, including:

  • Are our most effective teachers being assigned to our highest need students?
  • Which of our teacher pipelines has the highest recruitment return on investment?
  • What teacher characteristics are indicators they will be successful in our classrooms?
  • To what extent does the teacher transfer process equitably funnel experienced/effective teachers?
  • What are the areas of HCM where our school leaders need additional support?
  • Who are the school leader exemplars in HCM that can serve as mentors?

Building with You

To ensure that information is directly relevant, accessible and actionable, EA prioritizes a co-build approach where we work directly with the educators and administrators who will be using the system. We begin with developing a deep understanding of the District’s human capital goals and strategies, your theory of action for connecting strategies with goals, and the roles of key users in enacting the strategies. We then move into creating metrics, designing and testing out reports, training users on the HCM system, and supporting use of the information gleaned through the process, all side by side with District staff.

EA Expertise

Our founder, Dr. Robert Meyer, was one of the pioneers in developing fair and actionable value-added measures of school performance accompanied by reports and visualizations for leaders’ use. Over the past 20 years, EA staff have supported partners in a variety of ways in integrating value added and human capital analytics into performance management and strategic human capital management systems. EA staff have:

  • Partnered with dozens of school districts, including some of the largest in the nation, on HCM issues ranging from data system design to developing a coherent HCM strategy;
  • Worked with district administrators implementing strategic human capital initiatives and rolling out HCM reporting and analysis systems;
  • Provided technical assistance to over 100 TSL and predecessor TIF program grantees since 2008 on topics including program design, implementation, stakeholder engagement, evaluation systems, data systems, program evaluation and federal reporting requirements;

Given EA’s varied experiences in TIF/TSL and HCM support, we can provide a variety of services to partners, depending on where you are in system development, including:

  • Integration of existing data sources to allow for thoughtful analyses;
  • Designing new data collection processes customized to TIF / TSL project needs;
  • Designing and producing user-friendly reports, dashboards, and visualizations that track progress toward HCM goals;
  • Developing analytics that shed light on human capital outcomes (e.g. better understanding the relationship between school characteristics and retention rates), as well as predictive analytics (such as profiles of educators most likely to be effective or retained); and
  • Training on how users can interpret and apply what they see in the reports.

Although EA’s Human Capital Analytics can focus on strategic human capital levers, such as educator retention and hiring, we can also provide analyses with more of a financial lens, such as:

  • Salary analysis
  • Financial impact of educator retention
  • Strategic compensation metrics/analysis
  • Return on investment (ROI) of educator recruitment and selection strategies
  • Cost implications of educator absences
  • Value/cost of total compensation
  • Cost per hire
  • Economic value of differences in educator performance levels
  • Value of improving hiring and selection procedures
  • Return on investment and financial impact of educator development, such as teacher residencies, induction programs, new teacher mentoring, etc.

We believe that we can work with partners at all stages of development in moving toward a highly effective and actionable HCM system.

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