LAUSD Assessment Development

Education Analytics (EA) partnered with the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support teacher-developed assessments, with the intent of using these assessments in the district’s goal-setting process. The project brought together teachers from several traditionally non-tested grades and subjects (such as theater and dance) to develop their own assessments that can be used as part of the process for setting data-based objectives for student learning.

EA's process for supporting high-quality assessment development is rigorous and comprehensive, involving intensive, collaborative teacher professional development, test blueprint creation, item writing training, multiple rounds of item review and editing, assessment pilot testing, and psychometric analysis. In addition to the development of high-quality assessments for non-tested grades and subjects, EA’s work with LAUSD served several functions, including: 

  • Facilitating assessment literacy learning that teachers can apply to their classroom instruction and to future assessment development.
  • Benefiting from a shared understanding of subject standards, curriculum, and instructional goals among teacher participants.

Here's what teachers who have worked with us on assessment development have to say about the process:

“Working on assessment questions as a theatre group brought consistency and alignment to the LAUSD theatre and dance teachers. This opportunity was so enlightening for me.”

“The webinars and discussions regarding bias and cultural issues was most beneficial. When writing assessments, I often forget about my students’ prior experiences but now I try to take their cultural background into account more than before.”

“I think that creating this assessment helped to validate that I was teaching some of the standards, but also reminded me of other standards that I needed to include in my teaching of physical education.”

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