New York State Education Department (NYSED): Growth Models

Education Analytics (EA) is working with the New York State Education Department (NYSED) to provide student growth measures for the use in educator evaluation and institutional accountability. Each year EA produces results from growth model calculations, develops documentation for practitioners and technical users, and develops models and analyses to meet the unique needs in New York State. In the first year of the project, EA replicated the work of a prior vendor in a new programming language to create another dimension of assurance that the procedures in place are performing as expected. Through the replication process, any discrepancy (as small as a single student’s test event scale score being rounded differently) is investigated and addressed to ensure the agreed upon business rules are being properly implemented. The results of this analysis are used in districts’ Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) process.

EA is also working with NYSED to determine federal accountability ratings for the growth portion of school accountability ratings under prior federal waiver or a new approved Every Student Success Act (ESSA) plan.

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