Tulsa Public Schools: Growth Models

Since 2015, Education Analytics (EA) has provided growth model results to Tulsa Public Schools (TPS). In the initial year of the project, EA’s goal was to understand the immediate needs of TPS, learn about the local district context with regard to growth models, to build and implement the first iteration of an operational growth model system, and to solicit feedback from key TPS stakeholders. This process allowed us to prepare the necessary framework for ensuring that TPS was set up for success in enhancing its growth model process. EA’s team received intensive documentation regarding the specific methods developed by TPS and the prior growth model vendor. EA conducted a replication exercise to identify and unpack the set of decisions made by the district and replicate those decisions using a different software language than had been used previously. The scope of this replication work included data cleaning from public and charter schools, econometric growth modeling at both the teacher and school level, and supporting the district’s new implementation of summary teacher evaluation metrics.

For the 2016-17 school year, EA’s goal was to engage with TPS as an analytics and thought partner to determine what we could do to better serve the district’s needs—including working closely with TPS to co-build a custom approach to enhance their growth model process. EA provided TPS with school-level growth model results from public and charter schools, formatted output files for the district’s in-house reporting system, and engaged with the district on research tasks to support the district’s capacity for analytics.

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