Data Analytics

Measuring Progress and Effectiveness

Our team uses a co-build approach to help you take the data you have and use it in rigorous, innovative ways to better understand your students, teachers, and leaders. Our specialization in the following topics provides you with a variety of thoughtful and meaningful ways to analyze data:

  • Student Growth Metrics. We will help you measure student learning over time by showing you how much progress can be attributed to teachers and schools, separate from other factors that affect students’ learning. We also help you set realistic yet rigorous goals for student growth that allow teachers and school leaders to customize instructional practices to the needs of their students.
  • Human Capital Analytics (HCA). Our specialization in analyzing data about teachers and school leaders provides you with actionable, insightful human capital metrics that you can use to support your recruitment, hiring, professional development, and teacher retention practices. We not only describe the current state of your human capital pipeline, but also help you forecast future states, validate measures of human capital quality, and evaluate the results of human capital interventions.
  • Social-Emotional Learning (SEL). Our team of SEL experts will help you utilize rigorous, valid metrics for measuring and monitoring student SEL and school culture and climate. We help you make sense of the vast landscape of non-cognitive measures, select the validated measures that meet your needs, assess the psychometric properties of the measures, and leverage the results for continuous improvement.
  • Predictive Analytics. We use analytics to predict the likelihood of students meeting educational benchmarks, such as proficiency on a state assessment or entering post-secondary education. We also develop metrics to support progress monitoring toward those milestones, and we can evaluate the extent to which predictions are correct when actual data are known.
  • Financial Data Analysis. We can help with cost-benefit analysis related to instructional programs by analyzing program and financial data. Additionally, EA is prepared to assist with financial analysis to answer questions related to strategic human capital management, including salary analysis, the financial impact of educator retention, and strategic compensation metrics/analysis.

With EA as your partner, you’ll receive objective, high-quality data analytics. In addition, we’ll provide recommendations on how to:

  • Combine multiple measures for improvement and evaluation plans
  • Transform analytics from static numbers into actionable insights
  • Celebrate student success stories
  • Use data to identify what is and isn’t working, allowing you to move forward with improving your policies and systems

No “black box” here. All our work is done transparently in partnership with you. We’ll explain things clearly in plain language, so there’s no confusion.

Get in touch and let’s start a conversation about what we can accomplish together