Education Policy

Get Smarter About Developing Education Policy

Imagine working with national experts to weigh the benefits of your education policies, tools, and systems, even before they’re in place. If your job is to develop policies for human capital management or to evaluate existing systems, we’re here to help. 

We use your data to review potential outcomes of policy decisions and how students or educators may be affected. We're here to proactively identify unintended consequences of policies and systems. For example, we will look at your data to understand the incentives a particular policy might create--such as focusing on one type of student to improve evaluation results. We can also support you in considering how analytics can inform human capital management policies including: 

  • Recruitment/selection. 
  • Professional development. 
  • Compensation.
  • Career progression. 

There aren’t magic bullet policy systems. We’re ready to help you understand and talk about the pros and cons of decisions--even when these aren’t inherently obvious. We’ll dig into the data to show clear evidence of how policies could perform.

Why it Works

Using data to proactively identify potential outcomes helps avoid the pitfalls that hinder good intentions. You get the reports clearly explaining the findings from our work that can guide decisions for policy research and evaluation.

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