Student Growth Metrics

Take The Guesswork Out of Measuring Student Progress and Educator Effectiveness

Our student growth metrics calculate the academic growth of your students over time. We'll show you how much progress can be attributed to teachers and schools, separate from other factors that affect students' learning.

With EA as your partner, you’ll get objective and expertly developed measures of teacher or school effectiveness. We will also provide recommendations on how to:

  • Combine student growth with other measures for improvement and evaluation plans.
  • Celebrate student growth success stories.
  • Use these data to identify what’s working and what isn’t so you can move forward with improving your policies and systems.

No smoke and mirrors here. All our work is done transparently in partnership with you. We’ll explain things clearly in plain language so there’s no confusion.


Our analytics provide a lot of numbers and recommendations. Our easy-to-understand custom reporting brings it all into focus. We provide presentation-ready material, data, and analysis so you can be confident and ready to take action.

Our reporting services include:

  • District- and state-level overviews.
  • Sub-district reports on student growth.
  • Teacher- or school-level student growth.
  • Many more.

Why it Works

We use student assessment and demographic data to predict how students would do on standardized tests under the guidance of "average" teachers. We take those results and compare them to what students actually achieved on the tests. This comparison helps us know the impact teachers have on students’ learning within a given time period.

Our models work because they are co-built with you to meet the needs of your district or region.

We’ll show you the impact of teachers, grade-level teams, schools, and districts on student growth. When our work is done, you’ll have student growth estimates in usable reports and know how to put these data into action.

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