Technical Assistance

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Education Analytics (EA) provides Technical Assistance (TA) to partner organizations throughout the life-cycle of programs and policies, including design, implementation, continuous improvement, sustainability, and scale-up. EA has provided TA to hundreds of educational organizations, including federal, state, district, school, and non-profit, on a range of topics, such as human capital management, educator quality, school improvement, and specific programs (e.g., SLOs and early childhood literacy). Our collaborative model prioritizes partner needs to inform the TA format (in-person training, workshops, online videos and tutorials). Our experience and national network ensures all TA is based upon lessons learned and best-practices from educational organizations across the country.

Design: Guidance in developing programs or policies which align with organizational goals and are anchored in a clear theory of action for achieving desired outcomes. This support can include the identification and pursuit of funding opportunities at the local, state, federal and foundation levels.

Implementation and Continuous Improvement: Guidance in assessing whether a program or policy is achieving the intended outcomes and processes for using data to inform continuous improvement. This support can include collaborative research studies or program evaluation.

Sustainability and Scale-Up: Guidance in best practices for achieving the sustainability of programs and policies and scaling them for the greatest impact. This support can include developing plans for stakeholder engagement and buy-in as well as assessing a program or policy’s cost-effectiveness.

We’ll work with you to figure out what type of support is best for you. This could range from a series of short video clips on a website to several in-person, day-long training seminars. There are no square pegs for round holes here. Your plan will be customized to meet the challenges you face.

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